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Fintract Global is the best option for your Strategy and Management consulting needs because it is technologically innovative and has a team of masters of their trades.

  • Driven by a passion for technological innovation and fully equipped with a team of legal experts who are masters of their trades, Fintract Global is the right choice for your legal consulting needs. We offer a diverse discourse that ranges from technological laws such as open banking law, blockchain law, artificial intelligence law, company law, tax law, bankruptcy law, intellectual property law, and more.
  • One of the primary roles of consultants is to identify and solve complex business problems. They use their expertise to analyse data, conduct market research, and recommend actionable solutions. Whether it's optimising operations, improving customer experience, or addressing financial issues, consultants bring fresh perspectives to the table.
  • Consultants help organisations define their vision, mission, and strategic objectives. They assist in creating roadmaps and action plans to achieve these goals. Strategic planning ensures that an organisation's resources are allocated efficiently and that everyone is aligned towards a common purpose.
  • It can be difficult to put new plans into action or make significant organisational changes. Specialists in change management help organisations through transitions and make sure that stakeholders and employees are on board with changes.
  • Staying competitive requires a deep understanding of the market. Consultants provide valuable market research and analysis, helping organisations make informed decisions about product development, market entry, and expansion strategies.
  • With the rapid advancement of technology, businesses need to adapt to stay relevant. Consultants assist in selecting and integrating technology solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and customer engagement.
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    CXOs of many big companies Trust our innovative products and game-changing ideas, which include those of multinational corporations, financial institutions, private equity funds, domestic corporations, joint ventures, emerging companies, start-ups, non-governmental organisations, international organisations, individuals, and the government.

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    Many of our international and UK clients are interested in seeking out our services since our team consistently delivers services of high calibre and generates profitable business value. In this difficult market and economy, the customers are yearning for this! We are market differentiators because we are best in

    Strategy and Consulting Practice Areas


    Strategy Consulting

    • This is the core area of consulting and involves helping organisations define their long-term goals, develop strategic plans, and make decisions on how to allocate resources to achieve those objectives.

    Management Consulting

    • Management consultants work on improving overall organisational effectiveness. They might focus on areas like organisational structure, process optimisation, and change management.

    Technology Consulting

    • Technology consultants help organisations leverage technology to achieve their business objectives. This can include IT strategy, digital transformation, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

    Financial Consulting

    • Financial consultants assist with financial planning, budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, and risk management. They help organisations make sound financial decisions.

    Human Resources Consulting

    • HR consultants work on talent management, organisational development, workforce planning, and HR strategy.

    Marketing and Sales Consulting

    • consultants in this area help organisations with market research, marketing strategy, branding, and sales optimisation.

    Risk Management Consulting

    • consultants in this area help organisations with market research, marketing strategy, branding, and sales optimisation.

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    At Fintract Global Ltd, we combine a cutting-edge tech stack with exceptional talent from Europe, Asia and America to lead change in how financial entities work. Headquartered in London, Fintract Global develops cutting edge fintech and regtech products.

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