We want to accelerate client growth, enhance their customer base, and boost revenue through the use of our quality-focused products.

Our ability to send and receive money instantly and anywhere in the world without a card network. The users can add or pre populated a numerous accounts, even those from various banks. The user has the option of applying for any bank account. We offer premium APIs (PISP and AISP) for transactions that are extremely safe. Our own payment, FX, and anti-fraud engines, as well as pre-established frameworks, laws, and policies, are created specifically for each country and hundreds of jurisdictions. High trust and satisfied consumers will arise from the platform's ability to verify and check for a legitimate payee in order to detect and prevent fraud.
The process will be quick and easy because all the accounts will be in our secure network, but we will still offer the same level of service to accounts that are not part of our main banking platform.
Our goal is to create a network of interconnected products and services that employ behavioural biometrics for multi-factor authentication and are protected by reliable infrastructures and premium application programming interfaces (APIs) that follow industry standards like Open Banking, ISO 20022, PSD2, and OpenID Auth 2.0.subsequently launching in other markets like the US, Canada, Singapore, Africa,  the UAE, India, and Australia in the future, we will first target the United Kingdom and EU market.
Fintract Global has the fintech know-how to build, automate, and modernise financial institutions. FX, cards, payments, overdrafts, open banking, core banking, Treasury, SME financing, wallets, and BAAS are all supported through our universal banking platform.
This product was developed using the advanced technical foundation and security protocols of the Global Open Banking Initiative. Financial institutions will be able to provide their clients with a wide choice of services that are always current and secure against illegal access. Financial technology companies will have access to a variety of services and approved APIs.

CXOs of many big companies Trust and believe in our ethics and professional journey can emulate their business goals and success. The list includes multinational corporations, financial institutions, private equity funds, domestic corporations, joint ventures, emerging companies, start-ups, non-governmental organisations, international organisations, individuals, and the government.

Our Unique features


Anywhere, Anytime

  • 1.1 Our web app allows users to bank securely from anywhere in the world, with the support of all major currencies and coins.
  • 1.2 PAN details are tokenized and AI-based transaction monitoring is used to check for AML, sanctions, and fraud.
  • 1.3End-to-end encryption enables information to be exchanged and stored very safely.
  • 1.4 An automated regulatory and compliance report is available for the business as well as for the regulator

Pace of Innovation

  • 2.1 The product offers convenience and time efficiency, enabling a user to compare multiple transactions with ease.
  • 2.2 Our product, powered by analytics, produces a full visualisation combined with a detailed analysis.
  • 2.3 The onboarding process is automated with the power of artificial intelligence and supports AML, sanction checks, fraud detection and KYC validation as smoothly as the tip of a butter spread.
  • 2.4 As the fraud will be traced and settled in a blink of an eye, the API supports checking the payee’s details in real time to mitigate the fraud and comply with regulatory requirements.

Secured and Smooth

  • 3.1 The borrower can share their contact details, income, credit score, and history with the lender at the click of a button.
  • 3.2 Our product is extremely secure due to the additional layer of security powered by artificial intelligence and its integration with our worldwide banking ecosystem with premium APIs, including the AISP and PISP APIs.
  • 3.3 The onboarding process is automated with the power of artificial intelligence and supports AML, sanction checks, fraud detection and KYC validation as smoothly as the tip of a butter spread.

Global Open Banking Capabilities

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